5 Reasons You Need An Agent

There is one thing you need whether you’re a first time home buyer, an experienced investor, selling your existing home, or building a new one: a reputable agent. Having an experienced professional agent on your side helps to reduce the amount of frustration and hassle that is bound to come with moving. Here are our top 5 reasons why we believe having an agent by your side is the best choice.


  1. An agent knows what to look for. They will see things that you may not think to look for. Wear and tear, structural issues, roof conditions, and wiring issues are a few of the things that buyers can overlook. If you are selling your home, an agent is a great resource who can provide you with suggestions on updates to make before listing.
  2. An agent will guide you through the processes. Contractual language can be complicating, but not to worry, that is what your agent is here for. They deal with buying and selling process every day and are here to handle requests and spot potential issues before they become a problem.
  3. An agent is a local expert of your area. Moving to a new area can be overwhelming. Allow an agent to help provide you with all the information you may need regarding schools, neighbourhoods, local sight seeing, shopping, and community events. Similarly, if you are selling the agent will have the best understanding of the local market and can provide you with tips to help your home stand out and quickly sell.
  4. An agents works on your behalf. One skill that an agent has that is invaluable is their ability to communicate with the other party. They are there to help negotiate, handle challenges or objections, or act as a liaison. An agent is a good thing to have on your side.
  5. An agent will continue to serve after the closing. Issues can arise in the first year of owning a new home. An agent is here to help you resolve these issues and provide you with information for reputable tradespeople within their network.

If your in the decision making process if now is a good time to buy or sell a home, contact John Surtees to discuss the current market and to assess what is best for you in your upcoming purchase or sale.