Decorating Tips

Spring is approaching and there is no better time to get inspired and make those design updates as part of your spring cleaning. Whether is a total makeover or just small touch ups, here are some tips to follow before you embark on your design journey.


Many people design their spaces around the colours they choose for its walls and trim. There are an infinite amount of paint colour choices that you can choose from so why not select your colour palette for the furniture, accents, and lighting that you want to use in the room first. A design pallete helps invoke a sense of unity throughout a space whether you choose a muted palette with pops of colour or a palette that will make a real statement, I promise that you will find a paint colour to go with any idea you may have.

PRO TIP: If your space is covered in carpet, layer an area rug over it to add dimension and texture to the space.


A focal point can be something as simple as a mirror or something as grand as a fireplace, as long as it is something that you love. The choice you make for the space including the furniture, displays, lighting, and paint colours should all complement your focal point to make it a real conversation piece.

PRO TIP: Look for items in your home, such as vases and photos that would go well together to make an interesting display to add to the focal point.


We are surrounded by beautiful things when shopping to update a space but we need to resist the urge to purchase more then a few key pieces. 2-3 well-made pieces of furniture will create a timeless look without overcrowding your space. The tendency in many cases is the mind set “more is better.” This usually results in the space appearing cluttered, providing an anxious feeling in a space that should be providing serenity and comfort.

PRO TIP: Light shades will make your space feel airy and appear spacious. Whites, sky blue, and light neutrals are a great place to start.