Selling In The Winter

Many people assume that selling their home in the winter is a much bigger challenge then selling in the summer but this may not be true. There are a few advantages to listing your home during the snowy months that work in your favor.

The spring market is nothing short of a frenzy. This being said, with fewer houses on the market during the cooler months there is less competition. Buyers also tend to have more urgency when buying in the winter. The things that lead people to make  a home purchase such as a new job or a new addition to the family happen year round and there are always buyers looking for their next purchase.


  • ensure your furnace, HVAC and roof are in top working condition. Potential buyers will be looking for that warm, cozy, secure feeling.
  • Display pictures that show what your home and property looks like during the warmer months. Show the garden in full bloom or a lush grassed yard during the summer months.

In the end, as long as the house is priced right and you’re working with a reputable agent, selling during the winter should be just as carefree as selling during the prime sale months.