The Real Estate Energy Efficiency Program (REEP)

To understand the REEP Program, you first need to understand what it means. REEP is The Real Estate Energy Efficiency Program, which was designed in consultation with REALTORS ® for REALTORS ®.

The program itself is two hour session, guided by a Certified Energy Advisor (CEA) and a REEP project team member. The small group format of 10-12 REALTORS ® per session allows for REALTORS ® to learn, share stories or ask questions. They can explore together, to find ways of incorporating energy efficiency into the sales process.

Home energy evaluation

The first step in the process is to obtain a top to bottom assessment of the home by a Certified Energy Advisor (CEA). This Home Energy Evaluation will provide information about:

¬ The home’s energy performance
¬ How it compares to other similar homes
¬ Where energy is being wasted
¬ How the home’s energy efficiency can be improved and
¬ An EnerGuide rating, an energy efficiency score.

Homeowners’s home energy evaluation process

Step 1: Obtain the home energy evaluation

Step 2: Undertake some or all of the recommendations in the evaluation, making the home more energy efficient

Step 3: Have the CEA come back and re-assess

Step 4: Submit forms and receipts, which the CEA will provide assistance with, to obtain any rebates.

There are a variety of rebates available through the utility companies, and various municipalities and lenders.

More information about specific rebates.

Homeowner benefits of an evaluation

¬ Homeowners can save potentially thousands of dollars
¬ Energy costs will be reduced anywhere from 1/3 to 1/ 2
¬ The home will be more comfortable
¬ Mortgage and improvement options
¬ Enhanced relationship between client and REALTOR ®

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Learn more about REEP, how you can benefit from the program or how to become a REEP project team member.